Drayage service is like a short taxi ride for your cargo - moving goods over a short distance, usually within the same city.

In the intricate domain of logistics, efficiently maneuvering goods across short distances stands as a cornerstone of streamlined supply chains. Drayage services, offered by Preferred Carriers of California, are designed to facilitate such specific and vital movements, ensuring optimal efficiency, steadfast reliability, and fiscal prudence.

Drayage pertains to the conveyance of goods across limited distances, predominantly within a city or its contiguous metropolitan vicinity. It serves the critical function of bridging ports or rail terminals to other pivotal logistical hubs like warehouses. Preferred Carriers of California is dedicated to delivering top-tier drayage services, emphasizing the secure, efficient, and expedient transit of cargo within localized regions.

Core Drayage Services

Port Drayage: Facilitating the transition of cargo between ports and proximate storage or distribution centers.

Inter-Carrier Drayage: Orchestrating the handover of cargo between diverse transportation modalities, such as maritime vessels and ground vehicles.

Expedited Drayage: Ensuring swift transportation of cargo that holds a pressing delivery mandate over short distances.

Engaging with Our Drayage Services

Efficiency: Harnessing our intimate knowledge of local terrains and formulating optimized transit routes, we guarantee the punctual and streamlined transfer of your goods.

Reliability: Our seasoned personnel, backed by a formidable fleet, consistently prioritize the dependable transportation of your cargo, minimizing potential hindrances.

Economic Sensibility: By fine-tuning the short-range movement of your commodities, we contribute to the reduction of overarching logistical expenditures.

Connect with Us

For organizations seeking to integrate drayage into their logistical arsenal, we invite you to consult Preferred Carriers of California. Procure a bespoke quotation aligned with your distinctive requirements. Entrust us with your drayage imperatives and experience the assurance of competent, dependable service.

Explore Our Storage Solutions


• Pre-staging Facility, Fully Lit and Paved

• 24 / 7 Security Personnel Guard

• Advanced Surveillance System

• Special Handling of Hazardous & Oversized

Container Storage

• 24 / 7 Security and Accessibility

• Cost-effective and Scalability

• Size & Type Flexibility

• Protection Against Theft & Damage

Cross Loading

• Improved Transit Time with Handling Step Reduction

• Reduced Risk of Damage

• Inventory Management

Damaged & Overweight
Container Re-working

• Cost Saving Repairs

• Maintain Regulatory Compliance

• Preservation of Container Value


"We've used Preferred Carriers of California for transporting our temperature-sensitive products. Their Refrigerated Temp Controlled services are outstanding. Never have to worry about our products' quality upon delivery. Highly recommended!"

Blanche Fields

Lovely Customer

"The team at Preferred Carriers of California is exceptional. Their Full Truck Load service has been crucial to our business operations, and they've always delivered - literally and figuratively! I can't recommend them enough."

Jacob Jones

Lovely Customer

"Family-owned and it shows! Preferred Carriers of California has a personal touch that's missing from many logistics companies. They genuinely care about their clients and it shows in their service. Five stars from us!"

Emily Reyes

Lovely Customer

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