Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load (FTL) services involves direct transportation from the pickup to the delivery point, offering advantages such as faster delivery times, enhanced security for cargo, and increased flexibility in handling requirements.

Within the dynamic realm of logistics, maximizing supply chain operations for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness remains paramount. A prominent strategy that stands out in this pursuit is the deployment of Full Truck Load (FTL) services. At Preferred Carriers of California, our forte is delivering FTL solutions meticulously crafted to align with the distinctive transportation requisites of our clientele.

FTL services, as the name suggests, pertains to dedicating an entire truck solely for the transportation of a client's consignment. This approach is predominant when the cargo volume suffices to occupy a full truck or when a client mandates exclusivity for their freight. Contrary to the Less Than Truck Load (LTL) paradigm, FTL ensures a singular consignment occupies the truck, ensuring a direct route from the pickup point to the destined location.

Applications of FTL

FTL is the go-to solution for several operational circumstances:

Large Volume Consignments: Ideal for businesses with frequent large-volume shipments, FTL facilitates the efficient conveyance of substantial cargo.

High-value Merchandise: FTL assures amplified security for premium goods, as the exclusivity ensures minimized risks associated with transit damage or loss.

Time-critical Dispatches: With no intermediate stops, FTL typically guarantees expedited delivery timelines.

Advantages of FTL Services

Opting for FTL services is synonymous with:

Efficiency: Direct routes translate to potential reductions in transit durations.

Security: The exclusivity of your consignment in the truck mitigates risks related to damage or misplacement.

Flexibility: FTL services offer adaptability in scheduling, catering to specialized handling or equipment requirements.

Preferred Carriers of California's FTL Offerings

Distinguished as a family-centric establishment with an illustrious history in the logistics sector, Preferred Carriers of California is committed to the principle that every consignment holds intrinsic value. Our robust fleet of state-of-the-art trucks, helmed by seasoned professionals, guarantees the impeccable delivery of your cargo. We further enrich the experience with real-time, transparent tracking mechanisms to keep you abreast of your shipment's journey.

Engage with Us

Keen on discerning how our FTL offerings can elevate your operational prowess? We welcome you to liaise with us for a tailored quote. At Preferred Carriers of California, our mission transcends mere cargo delivery; we pledge an unwavering peace of mind. Join us as we traverse the multifaceted logistics landscape, delivering excellence one consignment at a time.

Explore Our Storage Solutions


• Pre-staging Facility, Fully Lit and Paved

• 24 / 7 Security Personnel Guard

• Advanced Surveillance System

• Special Handling of Hazardous & Oversized

Container Storage

• 24 / 7 Security and Accessibility

• Cost-effective and Scalability

• Size & Type Flexibility

• Protection Against Theft & Damage

Cross Loading

• Improved Transit Time with Handling Step Reduction

• Reduced Risk of Damage

• Inventory Management

Damaged & Overweight
Container Re-working

• Cost Saving Repairs

• Maintain Regulatory Compliance

• Preservation of Container Value


"We've used Preferred Carriers of California for transporting our temperature-sensitive products. Their Refrigerated Temp Controlled services are outstanding. Never have to worry about our products' quality upon delivery. Highly recommended!"

Blanche Fields

Lovely Customer

"The team at Preferred Carriers of California is exceptional. Their Full Truck Load service has been crucial to our business operations, and they've always delivered - literally and figuratively! I can't recommend them enough."

Jacob Jones

Lovely Customer

"Family-owned and it shows! Preferred Carriers of California has a personal touch that's missing from many logistics companies. They genuinely care about their clients and it shows in their service. Five stars from us!"

Emily Reyes

Lovely Customer

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