Overweight Drayage

The transportation of overweight shipping containers that exceed standard weight regulations from ports to their final destinations, using special equipment and following weight regulations.

In the multifaceted domain of logistics, the handling of overweight containers represents a significant challenge that demands specialized attention and expertise. Preferred Carriers of California is equipped with the necessary skills, equipment, and understanding to manage these requirements efficiently.

Overweight Container Drayage pertains to the specialized transport of containers that exceed standard weight limitations. This process requires specialized equipment, trained professionals, and an exhaustive understanding of shipping regulations. Preferred Carriers of California ensures secure and timely transit of these containers from various shipping points, such as ports, rail ramps, or docks, to their intended destination.

The requirement for Overweight Container Drayage services is widespread across multiple sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and energy. This specialized service enables the efficient and safe transport of heavy materials, machinery, or resources, thereby circumventing potential regulatory complexities.

Utilizing Our Services

Efficiency: Our Overweight Container Drayage service allows for consolidated transport solutions, saving both time and overall logistical expenses.

Safety: Our specialized equipment and expertise enable the safe transport of overweight containers, minimizing the risk of damage.

Regulatory Compliance: Our familiarity with weight limitation regulations across various jurisdictions, coupled with the necessary permits, ensures seamless delivery without legal complications.

Preferred Carriers of California prides itself on offering tailored Overweight Container Drayage services. With our extensive logistics experience, professional team, and cutting-edge technology, we assure the highest standards of care for every shipment.

As a family-owned business, we recognize the specific challenges associated with overweight containers. Our customized solutions cater to your individual needs, irrespective of the industry or shipment size.

We facilitate a streamlined logistical process so you can concentrate on your core business functions. Our commitment goes beyond merely delivering your goods – we strive to provide complete peace of mind throughout the journey.

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Explore the potential of our Overweight Container Drayage services for your business. Contact Preferred Carriers of California today for a customized quote and experience the elevated shipping service we offer. Let's embark on this journey together, with assurance and expertise at every step.

Explore Our Storage Solutions


• Pre-staging Facility, Fully Lit and Paved

• 24 / 7 Security Personnel Guard

• Advanced Surveillance System

• Special Handling of Hazardous & Oversized

Container Storage

• 24 / 7 Security and Accessibility

• Cost-effective and Scalability

• Size & Type Flexibility

• Protection Against Theft & Damage

Cross Loading

• Improved Transit Time with Handling Step Reduction

• Reduced Risk of Damage

• Inventory Management

Damaged & Overweight
Container Re-working

• Cost Saving Repairs

• Maintain Regulatory Compliance

• Preservation of Container Value


"We've used Preferred Carriers of California for transporting our temperature-sensitive products. Their Refrigerated Temp Controlled services are outstanding. Never have to worry about our products' quality upon delivery. Highly recommended!"

Blanche Fields

Lovely Customer

"The team at Preferred Carriers of California is exceptional. Their Full Truck Load service has been crucial to our business operations, and they've always delivered - literally and figuratively! I can't recommend them enough."

Jacob Jones

Lovely Customer

"Family-owned and it shows! Preferred Carriers of California has a personal touch that's missing from many logistics companies. They genuinely care about their clients and it shows in their service. Five stars from us!"

Emily Reyes

Lovely Customer

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