Warehouse Services

Storing your cargo in our secure facilities until you're ready to move it. Whether it's inventory, seasonal goods, or items in transit, we keep everything safe and ready for when you need it.

Logistics management encompasses numerous vital facets, among which storage stands as an essential component in facilitating an unwavering and proficient supply chain. Preferred Carriers of California offers premier Warehouse Services, ensuring your goods are consistently housed under optimal conditions, primed for deployment at your behest.

The scope of Warehouse Services extends to the dedicated storage, precise handling, and systematic management of goods within a safeguarded infrastructure. These services integrate functions such as meticulous inventory management, adept packing and repacking, and timely order fulfillment, ensuring goods remain intact and secure until they embark on their onward journey.

Key Applications of Warehouse Services

  • Inventory Management: A solution for businesses necessitating a secure haven for their inventory prior to distribution activities.
  • Seasonal Storage: Catering to enterprises dealing with seasonal merchandise, offering storage solutions during non-peak intervals.
  • Import/Export Holds: Serving as a transient holding point for goods amidst their import or export journey.

Advantages Offered by Warehouse Services

  • Security: A guarantee of protection against potential theft, inadvertent damages, or environmental adversities within our closely monitored premises.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable storage durations tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Efficiency: Centralized warehousing ensures streamlined and effective distribution strategies.

Our Commitment at Preferred Carriers of California

The integrity of your cargo is our utmost priority. Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities maintain round-the-clock surveillance and employ cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the safety and accessibility of your goods, poised for dispatch as per your directive.

Engage with Us

For those seeking top-tier Warehouse Services, we encourage you to consult us for a detailed quotation. Entrust Preferred Carriers of California with your warehousing needs and be assured of the pristine condition and readiness of your goods, synchronized with your logistical timelines.

Explore Our Storage Solutions


• Pre-staging Facility, Fully Lit and Paved

• 24 / 7 Security Personnel Guard

• Advanced Surveillance System

• Special Handling of Hazardous & Oversized

Container Storage

• 24 / 7 Security and Accessibility

• Cost-effective and Scalability

• Size & Type Flexibility

• Protection Against Theft & Damage

Cross Loading

• Improved Transit Time with Handling Step Reduction

• Reduced Risk of Damage

• Inventory Management

Damaged & Overweight
Container Re-working

• Cost Saving Repairs

• Maintain Regulatory Compliance

• Preservation of Container Value


"We've used Preferred Carriers of California for transporting our temperature-sensitive products. Their Refrigerated Temp Controlled services are outstanding. Never have to worry about our products' quality upon delivery. Highly recommended!"

Blanche Fields

Lovely Customer

"The team at Preferred Carriers of California is exceptional. Their Full Truck Load service has been crucial to our business operations, and they've always delivered - literally and figuratively! I can't recommend them enough."

Jacob Jones

Lovely Customer

"Family-owned and it shows! Preferred Carriers of California has a personal touch that's missing from many logistics companies. They genuinely care about their clients and it shows in their service. Five stars from us!"

Emily Reyes

Lovely Customer

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